1. Zátoka

From the recording Banjo Romantika Soundtrack

Banjo Romantika Band
Recorded by Ben Bateson at the Down Home, Johnson City, TN, 2012.
Lee Bidgood - lead vocals and mandolin Richard Ciferský - banjo
Dan Boner - guitar
Ed Snodderly - dobro
Jeff Elkins - bass
It was an honor to include Marko Čermák in our film - visiting with him in his cabin in the woods outside Prague was a highlight of our shoot in 2011. This song, which Marko performed with the Greenhorns in the early 1970s, has become part of the Czech campfire song heritage. His romantic text about a cowboy leaving his loved one to go work the dusty cattle trail is set to a tone that Marko identified as a traditional tune "Lonesome, Lonesome," but which we might recognize as "Rock Salt and Nails."