Book Release / Panel Discussion about "Czech Bluegrass"

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Americké Centrum, Tržiště 366/13, 118 00 Malá Strana, Praha 1

For more information, call the American Center: 257 530 640 "BLUEGRASS MUSIC AS A BRIDGE ACROSS THE ATLANTIC OCEAN" Current Fulbright Scholar Lee Bidgood's 2017 book: “Czech Bluegrass: Notes From the Heart of Europe” discusses a form of country music that originated in the United States and now flourishes in the Czech Republic. Using this book as a starting point, this event will address questions about this unlikely example of globalization, and open discussion of how and why it might be important to consider as a part of contemporary culture. Zbyněk Bureš, Zuzana Jurková, and Irena Přibylová will join Bidgood in discussing bluegrass music in the Czech context from the perspective of the academic world, as well as that of musicians.